• Zoom in the Continuing Education Classroom

    Zoom in the Continuing Education Classroom

    This is a two–hour introduction to the use of Zoom in the synchronous classroom.  The attendees were from SDCCD Continuing Education and the emphasis was on the use of Zoom in the continuing education classroom.  Topics covered included initiation of Zoom meetings, invitation of attendees, attendance through mobile devices, moderation of Zoom sessions, screen sharing, and equipment necessary in a Zoom classroom. Here a two documents you may find useful: 1.  Equipment List for the Zoom Classroom 2.  Chat log […]

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  • Introduction to Online Video Production

    Introduction to Online Video Production

    These videos constitute the recording of a faculty development (Flex) session offered on 3/18/2016. This seminar addressed tools and techniques for producing instructional video and distributing it online through YouTube.  The focus of this seminar was standard motion video as opposed to screencasting or other similar techniques.  The recording is broken, for convenience,  into six separate videos dealing with different topic areas of the presentation.  Mouse over the upper-left corner of this playlist embed to access the videos individually.  Hope you […]

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  • Zoom in the Classroom Flex Seminar 3/11/2016

    Zoom in the Classroom Flex Seminar 3/11/2016

    This is a recording of a live staff development seminar covering the use of Zoom in the live classroom.  It shows how easy it is to extend your physical classroom to infinity.  There were a roughly equal number of local and remote participants in this seminar and, as you can see in the recording, they were able to interact with the instructor and each other very naturally and about as effectively as they could have if everyone had been in […]

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  • Lecture Capture Using TechSmith Relay and Zoom

    Lecture Capture Using TechSmith Relay and Zoom

    One of THE most popular instructional technology services provided to students across the globe is lecture capture, the recording of audio and video during a live classroom lecture and making the recording available to students via the web, on-demand in a timely manner. Upwards of 90% of students have favorable opinions about this service and speak highly of efforts to make such recordings available to them.  In this seminar, we’ll look at two tools that are free (to SDCCD faculty […]

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  • Playlist of Zoom Videos

    Playlist of Zoom Videos

    A convenient collection of our Zoom videos in a logical order.  Start here to inform yourself about the best web-based videoconferencing and virtual classroom application around!  Click the icon composed of three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the image below to access the list of videos in the playlist.

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  • The Zoom Classroom

    The Zoom Classroom

    This video shows how to outfit and leverage a classroom in order to present a lesson/lecture to students physically present in the classroom and to students attending remotely through Zoom, simultaneously.

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