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  1. Kanlayanee says:

    I have no idea what a system maagenr is, so my response may be irrelevant, but you asked for developers to respond I’ve been a developer in software companies for a dozen years now, and have interviewed more than a hundred candidates in the last five years. I can’t imagine hiring a candidate who was mediocre in other ways (negative personality, unenthusiastic, poor design skills, not bright enough choose one) but who had an excellent command of the language. I don’t mean in comparison with an otherwise enthusiastic candidate who didn’t know language X we’d rather leave the position empty.Candidates at my employer pass through 6-7 group and one-on-one interviews. Only two of those are language-specific one in Java, one in SQL. Both I (the SQL interviewer) and the Java interviewer have recommended we hire candidates who only scored 1 or 2 out of 5 on knowledge of the respective languages. The only way we’d nix a candidate who was strong on the non-language interviews is if they knew neither Java, nor SQL, nor web programming. A particular language is simply the easiest thing about software development to learn.Of course it’s useful to have a language guru around, if your team is big enough. But you probably only need one.

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