How to give DSPS students more time on a test

This is updated based on the new Test Availability Exceptions feature included in the Bb Service Pack 12 upgrade that took place on our system on June 4, 2013.


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  1. Umer says:

    much appreciation for the weibste & information you’ve provide. My questions are hopefully super simple for you and may require only a small moment of your time. I’m very much a novice, so the simpler you can make answers the better. Much of the comments already made in this thread are way over my head.Can you recommend answers for me based on the following?1)I’ve never done any video editing. I simply shoot the videos and ultimately when the internal memory is full transfer onto my computer. When I’ve got the HF S10 the playback of videos on the computer is choppy. (I know understand why because of AVCHD).I simply want to know what should I do to make the video’s playback smoothly on my computer? I’m not interested in any fancy editing. I just want to be able to press play & watch a smooth video on the computer. What should I do to achieve this? I need to convert the file, correct? What can I use to do that, is there a relatively inexpensive solution?Is there any warnings or things I should be concerned about with this approach? Any other thoughts or recomendations?2)Why does all the Pixela & Cannon software that comes with the package basically warn against using anything software or techniques outside of theirs it scares a person to not do anything different.Thanks,Aaron

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