Screencasting Flex Seminar, Feb. 26 2016

This seminar (presented and recorded in ) provides a practical introduction to the technique of , a powerful, easy to learn instructional multimedia technique accessible to all.  This playlist consists of three segments as follows:

1.  Segment 1 provides a definition of screencasting, and illustrates the pedagogy of screencasting through a series of sample screencasts and a spirited discussion among session participanst.

2.  Segment 2 provides an introduction to two free (at least to SDCCD faculty) screencasting tools that are especially well-suited for the beginning screencaster, Camtasia/TechSmith Relay and Screencastomatic.  Viewers should be able to make good use of these tools after watching this segment.

3.  This concluding section of the seminar includes demonstrations of screencasting tools that complement or offer more features than TechSmith Relay or Screencastomatic.

This is a YouTube playlist, so mousing/clicking in the upper left corner of the video window will allow you to select which of the three segments to play.  Alternately, you can just play through the whole seminar from the beginning.



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