Synchronous Collaboration With Zoom – Starting and Moderating Zoom Sessions is a marvelous real-time meeting and virtual classroom tool for working with students and colleagues in real-time.  A basic free account allows you to meet with one person at a time for up to 40 minutes.  All  attendees can been seen and heard if they have webcams and microphones or telephones.  Screen-sharing and text chat are also available.  It’s like Skype or Google Hangouts on steroids.  You can schedule a session using SDCCD Online’s paid account which allows you to meet with up to 25 users for an unlimited time.  Just email us at if you’d like to meet with up to 25 people or for more than 40 minutes.


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  1. Prasanta Shee says:

    Zoom is good. Additionally, you may also have a look at R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It is an on premise solution which provides 30 way HD video conferencing.

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