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  • Manually Creating a Grade Column in Canvas

    Manually Creating a Grade Column in Canvas

    While there’s no direct way to create a manual grade column in Canvas, as there is in Blackboard, creating an Assignment with a Submission Type  of No Submission or On Paper should accomplish the same thing.  This video shows how to do that.

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  • Keeping Students Aware of Current Grade Status in an Online Course

    Keeping Students Aware of Current Grade Status in an Online Course

    Keeping students aware of how well they are succeeding in an ongoing class is always a challenge.  We all receive numerous messages containing variations on “How am I doing?”.  While it’s not unreasonable to expect the students to figure this out on their own from points received and possible, this reasonable expectation is not always met {understatement alert!}.  Hank Beaver has devised an effective and efficient strategy for providing students with this information on a weekly basis using his Blackboard grade […]

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  • Mobile Grades

    Mobile Grades

    There are some limitations for grading in Blackboard when using a mobile device. Watch this video to see where you can grade and what to expect, as well as how students can view their grades on-the-go. Online Learning Pathways, San Diego Community College District. Made with Camtasia for Mac.

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  • My Grades tutorial first frame

    Viewing Your Grades in Blackboard – The My Grades Tool

    This tutorial shows the My Grades tool as upgraded in Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 14.  Through My Grades students can view their grades, graded attempts of assignments and tests, instructor feedback, and upcoming assignments and tests.

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  • Managing Grade Center Column Visibility

    Managing Grade Center Column Visibility

    Grade Center columns can be set to be visible to both you and your students (students see grades in the My Grades tool; they cannot see your Grade Center), visible to you but not your students, or, often problematically and unintentionally, visible to your students but not to you. Here’s a tutorial showing you how to manage column visibility.

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