Update your email address on Blackboard

Need to update your address in Blackboard? This tutorial will show you how to do that.



  1. Richard Rosales says:

    Just updating my email. Looking forward to CBTE 180

    Richard Rosales

  2. dennise olguin says:

    hello, updating my email,
    hope for a great semester

  3. Brenda Bagby says:

    just verifying e-mail

  4. Ivan Franco says:

    Just verifying my email

  5. Georgina says:

    verifying my email

  6. Jennifer Redding says:

    Verifying my email address

  7. Yesenia says:

    Hello verifying my email


  8. Aaron Bledsoe says:

    Just verifying my email. Excited to get this rolling.

  9. Victoria Olorede says:

    verifying my email

  10. Maria Gonzales says:

    Verifying my email

  11. Anissa Sharma says:

    verifying my email

  12. Norma Solis says:

    Verifying my email

  13. Andrea Hudnell says:

    Verify Email

  14. Laura Perez says:

    Hello, verifying my email

  15. Lake is hard Reynolds says:

    Verifying Email

  16. Stephanie Moreno says:

    Verified email address on blackboard.

  17. Roxanna Motta III says:

    verified email address on blackboard

  18. Verification of my email address on blackboard.

  19. trying to update my blackboard email.

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